Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transceiver Lover T Shirt

Jon Marro designer

Transceiver Lover, Transceiver Lover
Lookin for my Transceiver lover.
Need to share some common circuitry for a single housing unit.

Lets Walkie Talkie you and me..transmit waves of love.
Process digital love vibrations

A duplex two way Communication Capability
...with you, my Transceiver Lover.

Don't need no Ham or Shortwave operator,
Nor optical transponders,
all shallow optic gigabits.
I'm a base station in need of loving pulse.

Let's build a love portal,
You're my Transceiver lover
We'll build an Electronic network

I'm a willing Radio Handset
full of loving megahertz for you.

Max Teichman
Jon Marro

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