Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hommage to Groucho

1993 Dr. Hugo C. Quackenbush
(Nose and cigar chewed by one of my dogs.)

The best of Groucho clip....


Professor Kugelmann

"Everyone takes the limits of their own vision for the limits of the world."
...You know who said that?

Nurse #1


Nurse #2


Professor Kugelmann

Who?  No....my cousin Mendel.
To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how he came up with it...He's a Kosher butcher.
...Has some interesting ideas about Veal though.

old aquaintance

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Even Hardcore Greenies Still Use Washing Machines

The Magic....Load the machine....Read Library books to your kids.

Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine statistics...


food for thought

Self Portraits

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transceiver Lover T Shirt

Jon Marro designer

Transceiver Lover, Transceiver Lover
Lookin for my Transceiver lover.
Need to share some common circuitry for a single housing unit.

Lets Walkie Talkie you and me..transmit waves of love.
Process digital love vibrations

A duplex two way Communication Capability
...with you, my Transceiver Lover.

Don't need no Ham or Shortwave operator,
Nor optical transponders,
all shallow optic gigabits.
I'm a base station in need of loving pulse.

Let's build a love portal,
You're my Transceiver lover
We'll build an Electronic network

I'm a willing Radio Handset
full of loving megahertz for you.

Max Teichman
Jon Marro

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toronto - Max / 1989

Head in a bag, feet on the ground.
Avignon - Max / 1991

Menage a trois
Toronto - Max / 1989

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SuperForest . org

""SuperForest is a positivity blog.

SuperForesters are all over planet Earth, all united in exploring how to redefine "environmentalism" and "sustainability" to encompass every aspect of our lives.

Everything you find on this website has been personally created to uplift and inspire you.

Peace! Enjoy.""

""SuperForest shares is the Humanifesto, which in a nutshell says: You are the environment. If you do unto others as you’d hope they’d do unto you, your environment will be a peaceful and beautiful place, and perhaps inspire others to take responsibility for their own environments.

Firstly, You are the environment. (That’s the original Humanifesto’s core idea.)
Secondly, Truth is what you make it.
Everybody has their own truth. Most people even have multiple truths. So, collectively, we humans have created a planet with billions upon billions of “truths.” Each persons truth is both wildly inaccurate, (swayed by culture, upbringing, environmental conditioning, and so on,) and is also absolutely true, at least as far as the believer is concerned.
Got that?
Seven billion people makes billions of versions of what is “true” and “false” and everyone is both totally right and totally wrong all at once. Funky!
The truth is a flexible and customizable concept. You can make it whatever you like.
I believe that people at their core are “good” and provided that their human needs are met, they will treat each other with kindness and respect. That is my truth. Other people would argue it with me, but it doesn’t matter, for it is my truth, and no one can take it away.
If I tell my idea of truth to someone else and they like it and decide to believe it for themselves, then my version of truth copies itself, (probably with minor alterations by the new believer,) and then there are two people sharing the same truth.
But just because two people believe the same thing, or twenty billion people believe the same thing, it has no relation to how essentially “true” our shared truth happens to be.
We could all believe that the sun was made of a lightly poached egg, and base our entire civilization around that idea, and it still wouldn’t be true. But try convincing us that!
What does this have to do with us, SuperForest?
Well, we are all meeting in this digital salon to share our truths. Our truths are the code that runs the human operating system. Truth controls behavior. If we SuperForesters create a culture of love, fun, sustainability, joy, sharing, co-creation, freedom, and peace, based on our shared truths, and that “truth” replicates and spreads around the globe, then we can potentially do a lot of good and save a lot of people from harm.
Allow me to attempt to sum up one of the core “SuperForest Truths” for your perusal:
We humans have the technology and the resources right now to feed, house, clothe, connect, and educate every human being on the planet, in perpetuity, and to not do so is impolite, and will nag at our consciences until we get it done.
With more people operating with that statement as a truth, we can affect real change, worldwide.
Thirdly, Mother Nature is in charge.
Like it or not, we humans have built in needs. We need fresh water and food. We need to bathe every so often. We need a place to put our manure, so that it can break down into its component elements. We need to laugh, to be touched, to be listened to and engaged energetically. We cannot escape these needs, for they make us what we are.
For ten-plus-thousand years, we have been at war against mother nature. We have fought with every trick in our fiendishly clever arsenal to subjugate and control the natural world, and by extension, ourselves.
And now we stand on the verge of simultaneously winning (and losing) the War against Mother Nature. For if we “win” we all die. Sadly, in this scenario, winning means destroying the natural world. And since we rely on the natural world for delicious raspberries, and clams, and a place to put our stuff, if nature gets messed up, we get messed up even worse.
But what if there was a way that we humans could live happily, have our needs met, AND the natural world could be rebuilt? What if we could have our cake and eat it too?
As in, what if we could have growth and civilization, and exploration, and clean sheets, and chocolate, and Ace Ventura movies, AND we could all live in a healthy and thriving eco system? Wild, savage, unexplored nature, and KardashianLand™? Mall of America AND Yosemite National Park?
We can.
When we come together on the internet and share our truths, we create a delicious hybrid of behaviors. With a mixture of old behaviors and new behaviors, we are creating a brand new operating system. And when the kinks are worked out, and this new way gets boiled down to its essence and is rapidly shared across the internet, the healing magic of this new hybrid behavior will be staggering in how quickly it revitalizes the planet Earth and its billions of users.
The three new givens:
1.) You are the environment. Say “please, thank you, and you’re welcome” and be nice to yourself and the people around you.
2.) The Truth is what you make it. Examine your inner truth, and see if it could use some updating, for it is flexible. Create a happy and loving truth for yourself and watch as the world around you blossoms. Share your truth if you like.
3.) Mother Nature is in charge. We must learn her rules and learn to dance with her. Without the natural world, we are lost. When we modify our behavior to include Her needs and rules, then everyone wins.
The pieces of the grand puzzle are before us on the table. The edges of the puzzle have been filled in, for they represent our human needs. The remaining puzzle pieces are the energies of the natural world. What the puzzle looks like when it is done is up to us.""

...Check out the SuperForest Archives too.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loving That Memory

Saw you standing on the sidelines,

You caught my eye, loving that memory.

We started at hello, sparks started to fly.

There was no love finer getting familiar with you

Remembering you said, let's grab our coats and take the sunny road before us.

and this road we travel together brings magical cosmic winds of love

Let's never get stuck in the shade, waiting for an inspiration to appear.

We are each other's cup of tea, just happy to be.

With a daily laugh, tip your brow, give regards to every day.

Loving that memory.

by Max Teichman

I Can Hear Your Heartbeat...


Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Live Life in Repose"

...While exiting a Roger Hodgins (Supertramp) concert Friday, March 4th, 2011, Red Robinson Theatre, Lynne Spalding (my partner) observed, "Roger lives his life in Repose, he is attuned, at peace, in a relaxed state of mind, enjoying his life journey, meeting people, and happily engages his audience...he gets it."

Hence the inspiration for this poem.....
Become Love, "Live Life in Repose:" 
Live your life. 
Enjoy every moment and everybody
Take it all in, while onst your journey.

Become Love, "Live Life in Peace of Mind",
Live your life.
Enjoy freedom from worry.
Take it all,  in calmness and tranquility

Become Harmony, "Win Back Your Doubters"
Live your life.
Enjoy new friendships found.
Take it all in , "Live Life in Repose"

 by Max Teichman

Repose...Freedom from worry; Peace of mind; Calmness; Tranquillity

---Red Robinson/Roger Hodgson interview March 16th, Global TV...


Give a Little Bit...


It's Raining Again...


Fools Overture...


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sing Along w/ Chris Rea

Let's Dance....


When you sing of the joy only love can bring
Heaven knows it's in my heart and my soul.
Caught in a world full of tears
so many bad times and fears.

While there's a chance and you're near -
Let's dance
let's dance!

There's a world far away from the one we see
There's a dream I will never let go.
One thing is certainly true:
This moment's for me and for you.
So while there's not a
thing here we can do -
Let's dance
let's dance
let's dance
let's dance!


peace, eh