Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Live Life in Repose"

...While exiting a Roger Hodgins (Supertramp) concert Friday, March 4th, 2011, Red Robinson Theatre, Lynne Spalding (my partner) observed, "Roger lives his life in Repose, he is attuned, at peace, in a relaxed state of mind, enjoying his life journey, meeting people, and happily engages his audience...he gets it."

Hence the inspiration for this poem.....
Become Love, "Live Life in Repose:" 
Live your life. 
Enjoy every moment and everybody
Take it all in, while onst your journey.

Become Love, "Live Life in Peace of Mind",
Live your life.
Enjoy freedom from worry.
Take it all,  in calmness and tranquility

Become Harmony, "Win Back Your Doubters"
Live your life.
Enjoy new friendships found.
Take it all in , "Live Life in Repose"

 by Max Teichman

Repose...Freedom from worry; Peace of mind; Calmness; Tranquillity

---Red Robinson/Roger Hodgson interview March 16th, Global TV...

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