Thursday, June 2, 2011

Professor Kugelmann

Professor Kugelmann
Max Teichman

In Jewish/Yiddish accent...

Prezident Obama...Ze No bell Peece Pryze vinner who started
three vars in ze nayme of Peece.

"" Zis wundrus sing vee Kall lyfe.
...But so many peeple living unkonshis.
Zey see only simbals.
Unavayre of how fantastical lyfe reely iz.

...So...yoo kan stay in ze dark,
or you kan look to see ze sunshyne outsyde ze cayve.

Iz up to yoo.""

(david beleznay)

A person's graytest akkomplishmunt deevelops at za poynt
where zey overkum zeyre graytest weekness.


Tyme flyze ven yoo are in a Koma.


Vee shall not ceese frum explorashin,
and ze end of all our exploring,
vill be to arryve vere vee started
and to know zat place for ze very first time.


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