Monday, December 27, 2010

One Thing You Can Do Today To Help A Homeless Child

""If you have school-aged child, chances are, in the next couple of weeks, you'll be buying a ton of "Back to School" supplies. 

...take your child along with you. And while you are stocking up, explain to your daughter or son that there are a record number of kids this year who are homeless and can't afford the most basic supplies or a backpack. So buy an extra -- notebook, package of pens, crayons -- because whatever your child needs, there is a homeless child who is also returning to school soon who also needs these basics, but can't afford them. And showing up empty handed the first week of school is just one more source of shame for kids who have already shouldered more than any youngster should.""

Long Beach Science Camp Makes Summer Special For Homeless Kids

The program, organized by Cal State Long Beach, provides homeless children a place to experiment — and aspire to science careers. For parents, it's a day haven for kids after nights spent in shelters.

Peace, eh

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